Eyecon 2010

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For those of you that don't know Eyecon is a True Blood celebrity convention and this year some of our favorite Trubies are going to be in attendance. Sam Trammell who plays Sam Merlotte, Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide Herveaux, Kristen Bauer van Straten who plays Pam and Allan Hyde who plays will Godric will all be there.

This is a very intimate convention so if you have a chance to go I highly recommend going. This year it's being held at the Florida Hotel and Convention Center November 5th to 7th. The events for this convention are going to be a Q&A session, a autograph session, a cocktail party & banquet with the stars and my personal favorite the Saturday night Fangbanger’s Ball.

Dont miss out on this incredible event, get your tickets right now.

Here are the ticket prices:

Platinum – $275
Gold – $195
Silver – $125
General Admission – $70

If you would like to purchase tickets for this event that Allan Hyde says is "The Best Convention" then go to the following link:


True Blood's Joe Manganiello & Ryan Kwanten Halloween Fun...

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Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello co-hosted the SF Thriller Halloween Ball at the Westin St. Francis (SF) on Saturday, Oct. 30th. Joe dressed up as a mechanic, I can't think of a girl in the world that wouldn't enjoy service from him and Ryan dressed as an Old West Sheriff. Hmm anyone else thinking of committing a small crime just so we can be arrested by him.

Fun facts about Ryan Kwanten...

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Recently Crushable.com posted some fun facts about the very charming and talented Australian actor Ryan Kwanten.

Without further ado here they are:

1. Ryan knows how to get his roleplay on:

Ryan Kwanten is going to appear in 2011's The Knight of Badassdom, a film which is also set to star Peter Dinklage and Steve Zhan as a group of live-action gaming nerds who accidentally summon ancient evil creatures.

2. His has a incredible body:

It is just me or does every actor that comes out of Australia have a smoking hot body and of course that accent is just to die for. I.E. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Kwanten. Thankfully Ryan is more than happy to shed off the clothes and give us a good long look at said smoking hot body. There are several magazine spreads like NSFW that feature Ryan in a very very low slung towel or nothing at all.

To see some of these delicious pictures check out this link:


3. He is a sex god {Or so he says}:

Ryan Kwanten is one of the few actors who has spoken about this female groupies asking for sperm donations. A little extreme don't you think? Apparently he may have even sent the lady that asked seven vials of his sperm. Take that piece of information however you want.

4.He comes from illustrious beginnings:

He started his acting career by having a role on a Aussie soap called Home and Away.

5.He takes his word seriously:

He gets insulted when people insinuate that Jason Stackhoudse is nothing more than pretty boy.

His response when one of the interviewers was leaning towards that is:

“Personally, I don’t see it as just using my body. I think there’s a huge array of things at my [disposal.]”

For the full interview complete with video footage of Home & Away check out this link:


Tickets for the 2011 Comic-Con convention in San Diego were supposed to go on sale today, November 1st but they are having a problem with registration. Check back November 8th for the new registration date. If you want to be there next year with your favorite actors from True Blood then you better buy your tickets soon. Tickets for the premier night are already gone, that night is sold out. So don't hesitate if you want to go and have a night you will never forget then hurry and purchase your tickets.

Here is the link to go to for the new registration date, and all the latest information you want about the 2011 Comic-Con:


Pricing goes like this:

4-day with preview-
Sold out at 2010 Comic-Con

4-day without preview
Adults: $105
Jr/Sr: $52

Thursday July 21
Adults: $37
Jr/Sr: $18

Friday July 22
Adults: $37
Jr/Sr: $18

Saturday July 23
Adults: $37
Jr/Sr: $18

Sunday July 24
Adults: $20
Jr/Sr $10

Stephen Dorff to return as Deacon Frost...

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So this is a piece of news you can really sink your teeth into (pun intended), the latest story going around is that Stephen Dorff is going to be reprising his role as Deacon Frost for a Deacon Frost Trilogy that is a prequel to the first Blade movie. Stephen Dorff has confirmed it, in fact this entire project is his idea. And Stephen Norrington, the director of the first Blade and the man who will be directing the Deacon Frost trilogy has confirmed it himself as well. 

This is great news for everyone who wants to see vampires on the screen that have some real bite... Hopefully this is a project that will come to fruition and that we will be seeing on the big screen in the very near future. 

Read full article.

Black Swan: Vampire Donors

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So after doing some research I found out about a community called Black Swan which is a group of people who willingly donate to vampires. Apparently some vampires need blood while other's require more of a energy feeding. The donor's and the vampires a like don't claim to be like the ones in the movies; they aren't immortal, garlic doesn't hurt them ect.

What makes them a vampire is that they are born with energy deficiencies and they need to acquire that energy through others; i.e. blood feeding and energy feeding. If you would like to know more about this community please click on the following link: 

Black Swan Website...

Interview with real vampires?

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This is a interview that contains answers from two different vampires; Sarasvati and Zilchy. One is a woman the other is a man. Their answers seem real, they don't claim to be the immortal vampires from the movies and books. They do drink blood but only a very small amount from willing and clean donors, the sunlight doesn't kill them but it does make them uncomfortable. Garlic, crosses, silver have no abnormal effect on them. But decapitation would kill them, just like it would a regular human. For all the details and to make a decision for yourself read the full interview and give me your opinions.

Read full interview...

Interview with a real vampire?

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While I was looking up more information about vampires trying to find out if they are real or fake I came across this interesting interview. Supposedly it is a interview with a real vampire, a vampire called Peter, he would only give out his first name. He was born in 1712 near Charleston S.C. and was turned when he was 17 years old, by a very beautiful woman. Its hard to tell from just reading this interview if Peter is a real vampire or just a man who claims to be one.

The man who interviewed him did say that while he has never met Peter in person he did part of the interview over the phone and said he just sounds so real. Part of him still has doubts that Peter is a vampire but he said Peter himself really believes it.

Read the interview for yourself and comment below telling me what you think. Is Peter a real vampire or not?

To read the full interview...

Real Vampire Sightings

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Obviously there are going to be a lot of skeptics regarding this topic and how could there not be? For the most part the proof that vampires exist isn't there. Of course if your a fan of the vampire based movies and television shows then you know that the reason for this is because they like to keep their existence a secret, with the exception of True Blood. They have their own set of rules, their own authority, and like to stay in the shadows.

Just as there are skeptics on this subject there are also people who believe with all their hearts that vampires exist, its an actual belief for them. But at the moment there isn't hard proof to prove either group right or wrong. 

However, with all the vampire mania, with all the books written about them, with all the new and creative ideas that the author's of vampire books come up with it makes you wonder doesn't it? If they are real, if there is some shred of truth to their existence? If the books just aren't all fiction. 

Well for your viewing and reading pleasure I have an article that contains the details of 5 vampire sightings. 

Real Vampire Sightings continued

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Now the first vampire sighting story isn't actually about the vampires you see in movies but its very interesting to read and think about nonetheless.

In GeorgeTown Guyana, a 55 year old woman named Radika Singh was beaten to death by people that believed she was a "Old Higue". Higue's are actual evil spirits that take on the form of old woman and drink the blood of babies. And apparently they are a big problem in Guyana. The stories of Higue's have been around for awhile and it is believed that these Higue's exist all over the world.

Read the whole story...

Real Vampire Sightings continued

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The 2nd vampire sighting is actual in the world of politics. A man Jonathon Sharkey claims to be a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler. He wants to run for president in 2012 and become the first 'vampire president'.

To read all the details go to this site which also includes other vampire sightings such as a vampire attacking a cab driver.

Read full article

Real Vampire Sightings continued

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The 3rd vampire sighting is actually multiple vampire sightings in the same area; Otero County. According to the story since last September Alamogordo of the border patrol has received over a dozen reports from illegal immigrants who claim to have encountered vampires. The people who gave these reports were incredibly frightened. One man watched two of his friends being dragged away by vampires.

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